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"Is an Authorized Charles & Colvard Retailer?"

At one point several years ago Charles & Colvard had an "Authorized Moissanite Retailer" program through which the various Moissanite vendors would be listed on as long as they were adhering to the pricing and advertisizing guidelines set forth by Charles & Colvard.  However this program was discontinued when Charles & Colvard began selling directly to the public via  If one researches Moissanite and Moissanite vendors online, one may still find some websites online still making reference to ths program, stating that they are an "Authorized" retailer, but in reality no such program currently exists. 

Therefore how does one know if our company,, is really a retailer of Charles & Colvard Moissanite?  If you visit the Charles & Colvard warranty registration page (see the link below) and scroll to the "Retail Establishment" list, our company is one of the selections.  This shows we are a recognized retailer of Charles & Colvard Moissanite.

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