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Jewelry appraisals

Jewelry insurance is strongly recommended for all jewelry that is worn frequently, especially engagement rings because of the high replacement cost and the fact they are typically worn every day. Jewelry insurance will cover your jewelry against loss, theft, fire, damage, disappearance, etc.

In order to obtain insurance, most insurance companies will require proof of amount paid for the jewelry item and a current jewelry appraisal establishing the replacement cost of the item.

We are more than happy to provide a free insurance appraisal upon request. To request one upon placing your order simply make the request in the Special Instructions box when going through checkout, and it will be included with your order.

We highly recommend considering for your jewelry insurance needs. We insure not only our company's jewelry but our personal jewelry through Jewelers Mutual, and we don't believe there is a better source. There rates are the most affordable, and their claim process couldn't be easier.


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