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Why Jewelry Insurance is Highly Recommended

It goes without saying that you have heard that “a diamond is forever” and that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth.  In additional many people assume that as long their jewelry is well made, it will last forever, even if worn daily, engaging in all activities, with no maintenance whatsoever.  You may be surprised to learn that diamonds are not indestructible. Moissanite, although extremely tough and very hard, can likewise be damaged from time to time, even though it is not that common. 

It is a fact that a diamond or Moissanite engagement ring or other jewelry worn on a daily basis on one’s hands is subject to a considerable amount of abuse.   No other item you own gets used more. Your jewelry and especially your engagement ring gets more use than your car, your home, your computer, your bed or most anything else you may own.  Consider how many products your hands come in contact with each day, lotion, soap, anti-bacterial, perfume, hair spray, cleaning products, sweat and dirt are just a few of the things your engagement ring will encounter in a day. On top of the products and chemicals you come in contact with, every day activities like carrying in the groceries, shopping bags, handling your car keys, digging through your purse, briefcase, and a thousand other things you do every single day that can affect your engagement rings’ beauty, appearance and performance.

Engagement rings need periodic maintenance, just like a car needs a periodic oil change. It is expected and is necessary to keep your fine jewelry as beautiful and “healthy” as it was the day it was purchased.  It may seem obvious to mention, but even with regular maintenance you should try to not wear your engagement ring or any other fine jewelry (including rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings, etc) while doing things like cooking, cleaning, gardening, painting, hammering, climbing a ladder, boating, water skiing, yoga, working out, kickboxing, rock climbing, or any other rigorous activities you may participate in.  A little common sense goes a long way to help protect your engagement ring.

We have heard some pretty bizarre stories about how engagement rings and other fine jewelry have been damaged, chipped, or even worse, lost forever. For this reason we highly recommend obtaining jewelry insurance with coverage sufficient to cover the replacement of your engagement ring and other fine jewelry should something happen. With market prices of diamonds and all precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc ) at near record highs, it is even more important today than ever to protect your investment. provides free insurance appraisals upon request, and jewelry insurance obtained via Jewelers Mutual (click to visit's website) is very affordable in our experience.

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