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"Why is my credit card not being accepted?"

After you complete the checkout process on our website, the credit card information is securely routed to your bank or credit card company which will either accept or decline the charge. If the charge is being declined, it will push you back to the Payment page to re-enter your credit card information, and you will receive an email stating that the credit card charge has been declined.

Common reasons for your bank to decline the charge:

  1. Incorrect billing info: if your credit card information or the billing address is incorrect your bank will likely decline the charge.
  2. Debit card daily spending limits: Most debit cards have a daily spending limit. Follow this link to learn more and with suggested ways to complete your order.
  3. Security: for most people jewelry purchases are not frequent or unusually higher than their typical day to day purchases. It is not uncommon for credit card companies to flag unsually large charges as possibly fraudulent until they can speak to the credit card holder.

    If your credit card is not being accepted, it is not a debit card, and you are confident that the billing information is correct, this is most likely the reason. To remove the block, simply call the customer service number on the back of your card. They can see the attempted charges, and will be able to remove the block or provide more information as to why they are declining your purchase.
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