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"When will I receive the refund for my order?"

Once we have received the return package, it will be inspected and the refund processed within 1 - 2 business days.  Once it is processed a note will be made in your order history and the order status in your account will change to Returned.  However please note that it typically takes at least one week for the funds to be communicated between the banks and for the credit to appear on your online statement.  Please do not contact if the refund does not show up instantly on your credit card statement because it is not expected to. 

International credit card refunds and some debit cards can take up to 2 weeks in our experience. 

 "Why doesn't the credit card refund show up immediately on my statement?  The initial charge did."

When your credit card is charged, the funds are temporarily frozen by your bank, and our company is notified of the charge.  At this point the charge is "pending". Typically around midnight on the day of the charge, the actual funds transfer begins.  At this point the charge is deemed "settled".  The actual funds are not deposited into our bank until about a week later.  Therefore just as it takes a week for us to receive the initial funds transfer, refunds also typically take approximately a week (but can take up to two weeks depending on your bank) to be transferred back into your account. 

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