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Do I earn reward points on all items I purchase?

Yes, except for those purchased from the "one time discount" section.

How do I sign up for the rewards program?

By creating an account on our site you are automatically enrolled in the rewards program.

How do I view my accumulated points?

To view your current balance, sign into your account and visit the My Account page.

How do I redeem points I've earned?

During the checkout process, there will an option to apply the reward points earned to your order. You can then specify the number of points you would like to apply.

Can reward points be applied towards the costs of repairs, ring sizing or other such modifications?

Unfortunately they cannot be. They can only be applied towards the purchase of new items.  

Can I apply points to past orders?

Points earned cannot be applied to past orders.

Can I apply reward points to the same order for which the points were earned?

Reward Points are a courtesy discount for repeat customers. They cannot be applied to the same order for which they are earned unfortunately.

If I apply reward points to an order but decide to return or exchange that order, can I apply my reward points to the next order?

Reward points can only be used once (whether or not the item is returned or exchanged).

I returned an item. Will the new points earned be deducted from my account?

Yes, the points earned for the purchase of an item are deducted if the product is returned.

I returned an order, but I have already used the reward points on a new order. What happens?

If the order for which points are earned is returned, the points will be reversed since you cannot earn points by purchasing and returning merchandise. 

Can reward points be used towards exchanges or upgrades? 

Reward points can only be applied towards new purchased. They cannot be used towards exchanges and upgrades. There is a minimum purchase price of $10 + shipping. 

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