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"Can you remove the signature requirement for delivery of the package?"

All items are shipped with a signature required. In order to insure the package, our insurance company and Fedex require a signature. If we were to waive the signature requirement, if the package was lost, damaged, delivered to the wrong address, tampered with by a Fedex employee or stolen from your doorstep, etc. there would be no coverage. For this reason, waiving the signature requirement is not an option.

As an alternative, for U.S. and Canada orders, we can request that Fedex hold the package at the nearest Fedex Office or Fedex station for pickup. To avoid delays or to be able to select the location please make the request prior to shipment. You can make the request in the Special Instructions during checkout, and we will add it to your order. Please note that the owner of the credit card used to make the purchase must pick up the package. Fedex will require a government issued photo ID to release the package.

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