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"Do you sell certified Moissanites?"

The term "certified" has been corrupted to some degree by Moissanite sellers who claim that the Moissanite they sell is "certified" because it comes with the C&C warranty card (which C&C also calls a "Certificate of Authenticity").  Because it comes with this warranty card / certificate, the Moissanite is sold as being "certified". 

However in the diamond world, a certified diamond is a diamond that has been analyzed and graded by a gem laboratory based on its "4 C" attributes of cut, color, clarity and carat weight.  This is much more than a generic Moissanite warranty card.  

At we have some certified Forever One Moissanites that have been analyzed and graded by a 3rd party gemological laboratory (Imagem).  Here is an example of the lab certification.  They are available at a $100 upgrade.  Please contact us to find out if the Forever One you are interested in is available.

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