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Color, Clarity & Carat

Moissanite Color

All Moissanite gems sold by MoissaniteCo today are near colorless are better.  Near coloress Moissanites face up white, but when compared with completely colorless Moissanites, the colorless stones look a little cooler or more "icy" in appearance.  

Colorless Forever One Moissanites: grade D-F on the Moissanite color scale

Forever Brilliant Moissanites: range in color depending on when they were purchased.  Older Forever Brilliant Moissanites can range from I-K color, whereas the ones sold today are in the G-H color range.

Classic Moissanite: K or lower.  This quality is being discontinued and is no longer being manufactured.  The Moissanite we sell today is not tinted yellow. 

Moissanite Clarity

Clarity is a measure of the surface blemishes and internal inclusions of a gemstone. For the purpose of comparison to natural diamonds, experts agree the clarity of Moissanite is on average the equivalent to VS clarity on the GIA scale. What this means in reality is inclusions can only be seen under magnification, and under a jewelers loupe (10x magnification) are difficult to see. Less than 10% of faceted diamonds have this level of clarity.

Moissanite Clarity

All Moissanite stones are listed in the actual size (mm) and the diamond equivalent carat weight. When the general public speaks of a diamond's size, its often expressed in carat weight. However carat weight is a measurement of weight, not an actual size measurement. 

This creates confusion when speaking of Moissanite gems, because they are about 10% light than diamonds simply due to its crystal structure. For comparison, a sapphire is about 50% heavier than a diamond. 

If size is expressed in carat WEIGHT, it can create confusion, especially if you expect a 1ct round Moissanite, 1ct round diamond, and a 1ct round sapphire to all have the same size measurements. In order to minimize the confusion this can create, all Moissanite stones are listed in the actual size (mm) and/or the diamond equivalent carat weight. Therefore on, a 1ct Moissanite is approximately the same size as a 1ct diamond.

Please reference our loose stone page for the full size to diamond equivalent carat weight conversion table.  Also to help our customers visualize the actual size of the Moissanite gemstones, we provide the following an actual stone size comparison chart.  It can be downloaded here.

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